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If you are one of those couples who are having an imaginative mind and doing a lot of creative ways in making a thing fascinating then that is a very good kind of letting your wedding dream place come true. It is very different from the traditional way that people are used to it. Some of them would really have the wedding in the church and have the reception somewhere else. Now, because of new and modern way of thinking. A lot of people are taking the risks and fun of doing it in their own special way. They want their special moment to be not only special but also out of this world kind of idea. They are eager to make it as unique as they can so that it will leave a mark to their guests and visitors. If you are still confused of what and where to have your wedding soon, then these examples here could give you an option and idea and even make it as a way to have your own unique and wonderful reception for the ceremony.

  1. If you are into animals then a safari kind of wedding would be a perfect match for your theme. In this way, you could have pictures beside the different animals. You may have as well in the bird sanctuary and let the birds fly there while you are having your ceremony.
  2. If both of you are brave enough to take the danger and face the crowded people and then doing it in a railway station could be a nice concept for both of you. But before doing this, you need to secure permits and other pertaining rules to follow.
  3. If you are into nature and you like water very much and may be having that special day happened in a sailing boat would a perfect match to your creative and mindful ideas.
  4. But if you are a little rich may be and can afford to have a cruise ship, then it would sound better. It is safer than a small boat. Here you guests will be secured and can do their things well and comfortably.
  5. Being nature lover means you would love to use the environment as part of your wedding. You could have in woodlands or forest but the safe one. It would catch a lot of attention and can have fresh air and more naturalistic way of celebrating it.
  6. And if you want to step higher than this then in European countries, most of the soon to be husband and wife would like to plan their special day in the mountain. They can have a solemn way to exchange their vows and of course a very natural and beautiful view as a background.
  7. If you have enough money to rent the whole stadium that would be sound so great and you can invite as many people as you can.
  8. Inside the bus with complete facilities. In this way, you don’t need to go out because everything is there while the car is moving and reaching the different destinations. You may inquire to denver party bus rental.

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