6 Timeless Colors

6 Timeless Colors for Your Home Exterior You Won’t Ever Regret

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Daring paint colors for exterior of your home looks fun and bold but daring colors only exist as trends and later they will go out of style as fast as they come in. This is the reason many regrets in following and keeping up the trends as the color trend changes. Here are some color ideas that do not go out of style when it comes to painting the exterior of your home.

Butterfly yellow

This very inviting, plain and simple light-yellow color for exterior painting of your home looks so classic. And if you want your home to have a more curb appeal, in that case a light yellow would be a great choice for you. This color looks best typically in wood but it is also great for brick exterior. This color is simple yet very flexible.


This color is more on a neutral one, khaki or tan has never been a bad choice when talking about exterior painting. This color easily blends around making it easy to landscape and also to decorate around with shutter and trim.  If you are living in a traditional neighborhood, this color is great that will undoubtedly to blend with your surroundings.

Light Grey

This color is neutral that will be around always. Having this color in the exterior painting of your home will give your home a sleek and clean appearance from the curb and its best to pair it with a white trim. One reason that light grey is a great choice for the exterior painting of your home is that it doesn’t clash with your roof color with traditional shingles.

Pale pink

This color is a fun way to lighten up the neutral feeling of your surroundings just like the light yellow. It is a playful yet a soft color as well as a peaceful color that will suite a kind of home that embodies those in a nice way. This will fit especially in any home in Asheville.

Brick Red

This type of red is a classic because of brick homes. There is something about this color making it homey and many homeowners paints their wood homes with this red brick color. It is assuring that as long as bricks are still being used in building a home, expect that this color will be around. This color is very strong and very comforting especially if paired nicely with classic white shutter design. This color is ideal for homes that has lots of landscaping or ivy because green shows up very well against brick red.


Red exterior paint mostly come from brick while white exterior paint mostly comes from those earliest white washed homes. That are made of wood. There are number of reasons that makes a white color look very good. One reason is that white is clean. Just like your white car, any dirt is visible in your white exterior and this is the thing you should consider. But you can easily remove dirt if its visible.

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